A New Year and our tips for you – this just in for the new family

KJ: So…it’s been quite a while since we have posted. Things like a new (precious) little baby have kept us more than busy these days. That coupled with finding our new normal balancing a family and work, it’s been a … Continue reading

The simple secret to building long-term wealth

KJ: So, here goes. The simple secret to building long-term wealth. A strategy so simple, how can it possibly be true? Is it a genius idea, is it working 70+ hours per week, eliminating your weekends from your personal life, … Continue reading

The shifting retirement burden

KJ: Long gone are the days of our grandparents where they worked for a company for 30 years and received a pension for 20+ years in retirement. The chart from JP Morgan below shows the change in landscape of retirement … Continue reading

How do my savings compare?

KJ: Before the Great Recession, the savings rate in the U.S. was at all-time lows. Then, just years after the recession started, savings rates had crept up to a more comfortable level. Now that things seem to be getting better … Continue reading

Retirement savings calculator

Calculating what you need for retirement KJ: We’re on a bit of a kick with regards to looking at what we need to save for the future, and the age old question of Am I on track?. Do you know … Continue reading