Surprisingly simple budget tools to kick-start your finances

KJ: Similar to our post on Quicken or Mint.com?, we wanted to dedicate this segment to writing about some of the OTHER personal finance software tools that are available to us all for little to no cost. With all of … Continue reading

A year in review

AJ: It’s been another incredible year for us. We’ve been abundantly blessed again and continue to be thankful for the lives we have. Here’s our 2013 in review! TECHNICALLY we got two kittens (do you remember seeing Swiffer cat?) in … Continue reading

Icepocalypse 2013

AJ & KJ: Since we’re stuck at home in this #icepocalypse, we thought it would be good to spend a little extra time taking care of the finances, so we’re dusting off those e-mails, downloading our statements, and setting some … Continue reading

Quicken or Mint.com?

KJ: For me, the answer isn’t “OR” it is “AND” when it comes to evaluating Mint.com vs Quicken. I actually use both Quicken and Mint.com to track my personal finances (so it’s less a Quicken vs Mint type of mindset). … Continue reading

How to build a budget

AJ: Budgets don’t often receive a great response. They require planning, focus, dedication, and a small amount of ignoring what you want in lieu of the greater good. I’ve been talking about retiring since I was in college. Being able … Continue reading