Seven money mistakes you shouldn’t make in your 30s

AJ: KJ and I eat, sleep and breathe money talk. KJ works in finance, I manage a really large budget as part of my job, and we’re budgeting and planning obsessed. So when I come across an article that gives … Continue reading


AJ: Over the course of my life I have become increasingly aware of the amount of feedback people have about other people’s lives. We’re all guilty of inserting our opinions where they might not have been requested, but what happens … Continue reading

Lessons from 2008

KJ: While I’ve always been a saver, I’m not sure where I would be if it weren’t for 2008. The events that unfolded and the experiences I gained were astronomical, but the bottom line of it all was: inappropriate debt … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A sea of debt AJ: Our nation’s debt is a constant source of anger for Americans regardless of political party. So why do so many individuals think it makes sense to take on enormous amounts of personal debt? Everyone wants … Continue reading