Eight super fun things to do with your tax refund

KJ: With the average tax refund for 2012 coming in at a whopping $2,803 – just shy of the average for 2011 that was even higher at $2,913 – what should you do with your income tax refund? With this … Continue reading

Ten ways to save money on your energy bill

KJ: It’s summer time, and we’re all looking for creative ways to save a couple bucks here and there, and one of the challenges we all face is our energy bill. With energy usage varying so much from month-to-month depending … Continue reading

Save money on your energy bill

KJ: So this post is not about doing things like shutting your TV off when it’s not in use, unplugging your coffee pot when not in use, turning off lights unless you need them on, charging your phone at Starbucks … Continue reading