Three money tips for a successful marriage

KJ: Attached to this post is a particularly interesting, short video(1) about the importance of talking about money as a couple (which extends in my opinion to both before and during marriage). My wife and I have always been very … Continue reading

How to build a budget

AJ: Budgets don’t often receive a great response. They require planning, focus, dedication, and a small amount of ignoring what you want in lieu of the greater good. I’ve been talking about retiring since I was in college. Being able … Continue reading

Save with a purpose

AJ: My ability to save really shines when I have a specific goal in mind over and above our everyday saving. Once you have a budget that appropriately matches what you should be spending in each category monthly, saving isn’t … Continue reading

Budgeting: a very good place to start

KJ: The first step toward financial security begins with one word: budget. While sometimes the word can trigger images of pulling teeth or getting mauled by bears after falling down a rocky slope, it’s truly the only way to know … Continue reading