Time to update your savings plan for 2015 – new 401k, HSA, and other contribution limits increased!

KJ: With updated savings limits for 2015 being finalized by the IRS recently, it’s time to plan for this next year for any changes to your savings plan. Some limits were increased (401(k), SEP, SIMPLE), but others remain the same … Continue reading

Smart 401k planning must knows

KJ: We recently came across a quick 401(k) article talking about 7 ways to avoid a 401(k) disaster. In my opinion, there’s never too much you can read or understand about your retirement plans, so we’ve created our own set … Continue reading

IRA and 401(k) limits announced: what will you be saving next year?

KJ: The IRS has announced the limits for 2014 for what you can save to your 401(k) and IRA for the next tax year, and with the start of the year quickly approaching, now is the time you should take … Continue reading

What is a 401(k) anyways, and why should I care?

KJ: Forty years ago, 401(k) plans didn’t even exist. In the days of our parents and grandparents, the primary source of retirement income came from pension plans. They provided families with retirement income similar to how Social Security functions (and … Continue reading