Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself KJ: Everyone’s heard about making a good (or bad) investment in a company, but what about investing in YOURSELF. That’s right, one of the greatest things you can do in attaining your long-term goals is to invest … Continue reading

Sometimes life happens

Set a goal AJ: For the first time in our almost eight-year relationship we decided to make New Years resolutions together this year. After reviewing our end of year finances for 2012, we felt like finding an investment property might … Continue reading

401(k) or IRA: what a choice!

Step one: saving for retirement when it’s so far away KJ: Especially at a young age, when you are saving for retirement, you’re literally setting money aside for 30 or more years from now! Fortunately, the younger you start and … Continue reading

Starting Young

KJ: My first memory of money as a child was a piggy bank. I had several when I was younger, but the earliest and most prominent one that sticks out was a piggy bank that was in the shape of … Continue reading

DINK: Dual Income, No Kids Lifestyle

DINK! KJ: We’re DINKs (dual income no kids)! Seems offensive, doesn’t it? Well, a DINK isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is a relatively new term for two individuals living together who each have their own income and careers, … Continue reading