Am I on track?

KJ: Similar to our post regarding the Fidelity study on savings targets to reach throughout your life, I came across an interesting JP Morgan chart that outlines what you should have saved at various checkpoints and salary levels. Basically, you … Continue reading

Living beneath your means

KJ: Learning to live beneath your means sounds like a simple thing to do, right? Well with the Joneses just down the street always having something nicer, bigger, cooler, how do you keep up? The answer is: you don’t! Regardless … Continue reading

Spending to stay sane

AJ:We’ve referred to this concept before, but based on a recent string of events it has crept back into our lives. Sometimes you just HAVE to make decisions that don’t take saving money into account as their primary goal. There … Continue reading

529 plans: what you need to know

KJ: As promised in our post on intro to funding education, below is some more information on what a 529 plan is and the different types. It’s but one account type you can utilize to help fund your children’s education, … Continue reading

What’s a stock and a bond?

KJ: With all of the headlines lately about the risks in the bond market with rising interest rates coupled with the fear in the stock market that prices are escalating too quickly, I thought it relevant to have a post … Continue reading