A year in review

AJ & KJ: We’re coming up on our one-year anniversary of our blog, and we can’t believe what a big year it’s been! We started this blog last October, went on the trip of a lifetime, and

The great debate – can we afford to live on a single income?

AJ: I personally LOVE the idea of us being a single income household if that means Kirby works, and I stay home and let my free spirit roam, but I’ve been told that’s an unreasonable lifestyle. 🙂 In all seriousness, … Continue reading

Understanding net worth

KJ: Part of understanding your personal finances is to understand if you are spending more than you are making. The first most telling sign that there is a problem is if your “net worth” continues to decline. To me, the … Continue reading

Retirement savings calculator

Calculating what you need for retirement KJ: We’re on a bit of a kick with regards to looking at what we need to save for the future, and the age old question of Am I on track?. Do you know … Continue reading

Making your interest earn you interest!

KJ: The compounding effect of wealth over time is quite significant – especially with a longer time horizon – so the sooner (and more) you begin to save, the better your long-term financial picture will be. Hopefully this post is … Continue reading