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When you see the initials KJ, it stands for the start of commentary by “Kirby.” Kirby Jacobson, CFA, CFP® is a licensed financial planner in Texas at Lee Financial Corporation.(1)

    I come from a background of family finances. My father is a financial planning professional, mother is an estate tax accountant, one brother is an insurance adjuster, and my other brother is in the financial services industry. I have always been passionate about learning as well as teaching people along the way. When you invest in yourself through education, you invest in your future. Whether it is training opportunities through educating people on personal finances, investments, developing good savings habits, or teaching Excel, I enjoy finding creative ways to both (1) improve the way I do tasks on a regular basis, and (2) leverage these capabilities to others around me.

    Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed earning and saving money. I would do whatever I could to generate an income to save: lemonade stands, selling crafts to family, working at my father’s business filing papers, etc. I even tried to figure out how to sell ‘woops…didn’t know we had a male & a female’ hamsters to friends and their families. Building my professional career has been very important to me, and my wife, Angela, has done a miraculous job of helping me see what is really important in life: living by enjoying friends and family, and allowing myself to not be completely consumed by work. Working until 8 or later each night would probably be my norm at this stage in my life if it weren’t for the work/life balance Angela has helped to teach me.

    Creating and maintaining a budget as well as finding new, innovative ways to maximize or increase savings helps me work toward a more profitable, secure future. Growing up in a wealthy household, but attending schools in an area comprised of middle and lower income households has given me a broad perspective on the way different individuals perceive wealth, money, and the challenges facing many walks of life. Regardless of a person’s income or societal stature, saving to better one’s future is always feasible. The main perspective I have is to learn how to live life with the resources you have today. I have seen so many examples of lower income individuals who have been able to save their way to prosperity contrasted against high income individuals who have spent themselves into a debt trap that they cannot get out of. So much of my desire in co-authoring this blog is to help bring tools, tips, and resources to those interested in finding how to afford more with less as well as share some insight into how to maintain an overall balanced lifestyle.

    If you are either in the market for a financial advisor or have considered one in the past, then head on over to FPA Planner Search to look for a licensed professional in your area.


When you see the initials AJ, it stands for the start of commentary by “Angela.” Angela Jacobson is a marketing professional in Texas.

    Kirby and I met a few weeks after my 19th birthday, and I knew that he was it for me. He was focused, determined, and he laughed with his entire body (obviously the true sign of a man with a good heart). My desire to live a fiercely independent, professionally-dominated lifestyle quickly shifted to visions of a long and fulfilling life with this incredible man at a much slower pace. We shared a passion for food, adventure, and a really good time, and none of that came cheaply.

    My perspective comes from years of wanting things that were more expensive than I could feasibly afford along with my passion for helping others. I became an extremely savvy saver out of necessity. I had impeccable tastes and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice anything; I wanted it all, and Kirby had the know-how to make that happen. It’s incredibly powerful when you identify mutual goals as a couple. You learn to appreciate and respect each other’s time, effort, and prioritization abilities.

    My hope is that our combined experience and knowledge will help others live a little more comfortably and with a greater focus on the things they love. If we can help, please just ask. We love a good challenge!

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