Why you need an emergency fund

KJ: So we had a bit of a real-life experience this past week on the importance of funding your emergency fund. Not only do you never know when you will need to dip into it, but you don’t know how … Continue reading

Smart money saving essentials all young savers should know

KJ: Saving money is all about working through things for the long-term. So what then can young savers do to maximize their savings and pack a punch for their long-term goals? We’ve pulled together a list of eleven smart money … Continue reading

It’s never too early to save

KJ: Starting to save early is not just a good habit to build for long-term success, but there are also some obvious mathematical benefits too. See the JP Morgan chart below which illustrates why it is so important to start … Continue reading

Savings challenge for November

AJ: A few years ago when Kirby and I started down a path of more aggressive saving we started with a specific goal and it still continues to drive our decisions and lifestyle day in and day out. November, however, … Continue reading

How do my savings compare?

KJ: Before the Great Recession, the savings rate in the U.S. was at all-time lows. Then, just years after the recession started, savings rates had crept up to a more comfortable level. Now that things seem to be getting better … Continue reading