The shifting retirement burden

KJ: Long gone are the days of our grandparents where they worked for a company for 30 years and received a pension for 20+ years in retirement. The chart from JP Morgan below shows the change in landscape of retirement … Continue reading

Retirement savings calculator

Calculating what you need for retirement KJ: We’re on a bit of a kick with regards to looking at what we need to save for the future, and the age old question of Am I on track?. Do you know … Continue reading

401(k) or IRA: what a choice!

Step one: saving for retirement when it’s so far away KJ: Especially at a young age, when you are saving for retirement, you’re literally setting money aside for 30 or more years from now! Fortunately, the younger you start and … Continue reading

What is a 401(k) anyways, and why should I care?

KJ: Forty years ago, 401(k) plans didn’t even exist. In the days of our parents and grandparents, the primary source of retirement income came from pension plans. They provided families with retirement income similar to how Social Security functions (and … Continue reading

To Roth or not to Roth

KJ: To Roth or not to Roth: that is the question. Many people have the misconception that Roth IRAs (or Traditional IRA) are a type of investment. Well, they are an ‘investment’ in your future, but they are not an … Continue reading