Our approach to Valentine’s day: built on love, but not on “stuff”

AJ & KJ: One of the key themes that we’re always searching for in a gift is for experiences and not stuff. We have been very fortunate to have enough stuff, and over the years, we have learned that it’s … Continue reading

The joy of compromise

AJ: We recently received a question from a reader that sparked an interesting conversation for us. We both willingly make sacrifices for the greater good, but what happens when sacrifices begin to outweigh each other or spending seems imbalanced? Chaos, … Continue reading

His, hers, and ours

AJ: We’ve mentioned this before but Kirby and I were very young when we started dating (18 and 19, actually), so we had the luxury of being completely broke together. We both had savings accounts that we began as children, … Continue reading

9 ways to organize your financial life

KJ: Organizing your financial life can sometimes feel daunting, but here are nine ways to help you get organized and STAY organized. Utilize Electronic Records Keep copies of account statements. When you get those “pesky” e-mails saying you have a … Continue reading

Three money tips for a successful marriage

KJ: Attached to this post is a particularly interesting, short video(1) about the importance of talking about money as a couple (which extends in my opinion to both before and during marriage). My wife and I have always been very … Continue reading