Save money on your energy bill

KJ: So this post is not about doing things like shutting your TV off when it’s not in use, unplugging your coffee pot when not in use, turning off lights unless you need them on, charging your phone at Starbucks … Continue reading

Canceling your tv

KJ: What’s that you say? Cancel your television service? That’s unheard of!…at least in our family. Even with how busy we are with friends, family, and work, we always find time to wind down at the end of our day … Continue reading

9 ways to organize your financial life

KJ: Organizing your financial life can sometimes feel daunting, but here are nine ways to help you get organized and STAY organized. Utilize Electronic Records Keep copies of account statements. When you get those “pesky” e-mails saying you have a … Continue reading

What you should know about buying a home

AJ: When Kirby and I began looking for our first home almost 5 years ago the only thing we knew for sure was our price range. We looked at more than 70 homes of every possible variety before closing on … Continue reading