Black Friday madness

AJ: People generally think that Black Friday is insane. Surely it can’t be worth the effort, the late night/early morning and the massive crowds. I’ve worked in retail in some capacity for more than 10 years and in my opinion, … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

AJ & KJ: We are so overwhelmingly blessed that we have daily conversations about everything that we are thankful for. It’s incredibly important to us to share as much as possible, and we hope that you all find a way … Continue reading

Building a desk

AJ/KJ: Saving isn’t always about how much you set aside. Sometimes it is about the costs you avoid. AJ: When Kirby and I started living together in college (sorry, Mom!) we had one enormous desk. It was more than enough … Continue reading

What am I saving for anyways?

KJ: I once heard a quote that said: if you save 50% of your income, you’ll always be rich. This particular quote stands out in my mind, not that it’s necessarily realistic for 99% of us out there (as it … Continue reading

First Post

KJ: Hello world! Here is the first post for the blog. The focus of the blog will be for tips and tricks for any topic related to personal finances. We hope you all find this site very informative, and we … Continue reading