Balancing Your Life (Part 1): Work

KJ: Finding balance in your life is one of the toughest challenges I think we all face in balancing family, friends, obligations, working out, work, money, time, and all scare resources, so we thought we would write a series about … Continue reading

What money means to us

AJ: Money means a lot of things to me, but mostly it means that Kirby and I will, at some point, be able to live exactly the lives we have planned for. There are some days where I find myself … Continue reading

When you can’t have it all

Money is a scarce resource AJ: Kirby and I have been a committed couple for almost eight years, but this year we did something that we’ve never done before, we made New Years resolutions together. We each made a list … Continue reading

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself KJ: Everyone’s heard about making a good (or bad) investment in a company, but what about investing in YOURSELF. That’s right, one of the greatest things you can do in attaining your long-term goals is to invest … Continue reading

Sometimes life happens

Set a goal AJ: For the first time in our almost eight-year relationship we decided to make New Years resolutions together this year. After reviewing our end of year finances for 2012, we felt like finding an investment property might … Continue reading