What does cash flow mean and how do I apply it to my life?

KJ: One of the most critical concepts to managing your family’s finances is to understand cash flow. What it means, how your family receives it, and how to plan around it. We’ve dedicated a post to helping you understand this … Continue reading

Finding financial faith

KJ: How do you find financial faith? Those times in your life when you’re struggling with “is it enough” or “am I on the track that I need to be?” With so many unknowns – especially in your more long-term … Continue reading

January budget challenge: complete!

KJ: We started this month with a post from Mr. & Mrs. H as they were about to lead into an entire “no-spend” month of January, and then just a couple weeks later they provided a mid-month update. Fast forward … Continue reading

Surprisingly simple budget tools to kick-start your finances

KJ: Similar to our post on Quicken or Mint.com?, we wanted to dedicate this segment to writing about some of the OTHER personal finance software tools that are available to us all for little to no cost. With all of … Continue reading

January budget challenge: mid-month update

AJ: Two weeks ago we introduced the “H” family and their month of