About Kirby

I am Kirby Jacobson, and I enjoy helping people learn about tips for saving money, setting goals, and just overall managing their money wisely. I'm all about helping people accomplish their goals!

To Roth or not to Roth

KJ: To Roth or not to Roth: that is the question. Many people have the misconception that Roth IRAs (or Traditional IRA) are a type of investment. Well, they are an ‘investment’ in your future, but they are not an … Continue reading

Budgeting: a very good place to start

KJ: The first step toward financial security begins with one word: budget. While sometimes the word can trigger images of pulling teeth or getting mauled by bears after falling down a rocky slope, it’s truly the only way to know … Continue reading

First Post

KJ: Hello world! Here is the first post for the blog. The focus of the blog will be for tips and tricks for any topic related to personal finances. We hope you all find this site very informative, and we … Continue reading