About Kirby

I am Kirby Jacobson, and I enjoy helping people learn about tips for saving money, setting goals, and just overall managing their money wisely. I'm all about helping people accomplish their goals!

One car family

KJ: I’ve read a lot about people taking the plunge to live in a one-car (or no car!) family. It’s a bit challenging with where we live to do this given that the public transportation in our area is horrendous … Continue reading

Making sense of life insurance

KJ: Now that we’ve covered an introduction to life insurance, we wanted to focus on some of the common uses for life insurance coverage. Common uses for life insurance Life insurance in my mind has four different purposes: (1) income … Continue reading

An introduction to life insurance

KJ: Do I need life insurance? If so, how much is enough? What type of insurance should I get? These are three very frequent questions when it comes to life insurance, and the answer to each one is a resounding … Continue reading

Ten ways to save money on your energy bill

KJ: It’s summer time, and we’re all looking for creative ways to save a couple bucks here and there, and one of the challenges we all face is our energy bill. With energy usage varying so much from month-to-month depending … Continue reading