The month we made money the weird way

AJ: I love “found” money. My pen and notebook budgeting system is really hardcore. It comes down to the last day of the month every time to see where things will net out. We have all kinds of factors that … Continue reading

Can one job be better than two?

AJ: Having one job is often more than most of us can handle, but what happens when life throws you a curve ball and you need to find a way to make more? Many families find themselves in situations where … Continue reading

Food plan recap: how well did we fare?

AJ: How well you say? Not well 🙂 Kirby said to me one night “have we eaten ANYTHING from the meal plan this month?” to which I responded “pretty much, no.” Some months I’m the first to admit that I’m … Continue reading

I want to talk about food.

AJ: Kirby asked me if I could do a deep dive on my meal planning for the month of January, so here goes! In this post (and in future posts just like it), we’re going to link to some of … Continue reading

Leverage your resources

AJ: I’m a big fan of leveraging the strengths and connections of the people around you to get what you want. People are well acquainted with (and comfortable leveraging) networking for business reasons, so why not apply the same philosophy … Continue reading