New must-know grocery tips – how you could be saving money

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AJ: Two weeks ago my well-planned, meticulously maintained loyalty to Tom Thumb’s Just 4U program came to an abrupt, unwelcome halt. Our grocery saving money plans suddenly needed to be reevaluated (thanks to Minyard purchasing Tom Thumb my years of building up my profile and acquiring rewards and discounts are suddenly no longer valid which has sent me searching for new tools)!

I know we’ve talked at length about shopping and groceries and ways you could save money, but these are major budget busters for people. I can’t state enough how important I think it is to tighten where you can in this category, so you can spend on things you really want while saving on things you need.

SO I’m now going back to all of my tried and true resources in printed weekly ads and online coupons, but I did find a few new tricks thanks to The Penny Hoarder that were almost all new-to-me tips: 5 ridiculous but effective ways to save on your groceries. Here is the summary:

1. Ibotta – I downloaded and started using this app this last week and without even trying I had saved money instantly and earned cash for items I needed and had purchased the previous week. Register, look for rewards at stores you shop in (in stores and online) and then add your receipt to get credit for what you’ve bought. It pays out via PayPal, so it’s truly cash in your pocket. When you download Ibotta, be sure to use our referral code: GSKXNWT. Thanks!

2. Nielsen Homescan – I won’t lie to you, I didn’t even know this was a thing, and I was so excited to read about it that I went and registered us immediately. Essentially, families around the country are sent these scanners, and they scan every item they buy. They’re classified by income level, status, location, etc. and then they’re paid for their involvement. The wait list is lengthy, but why not register!?

3. InboxDollars – This is a website from which you download coupons and then get paid for using them. This requires serious organization, and I’m not sure I’m personally up for the challenge on a regular basis, BUT this is a serious opportunity for the coupon savvy shopper.

4. Amazon Grocery – I won’t lie, I’m not giving up my Costco membership in exchange for Amazon Grocery. It isn’t a full substitute for what we buy in bulk, and I’m not ready to give up what I love at Costco for convenience. However, I wasn’t aware of the Amazon-only coupons, so that’s a big win!

5. Use a credit card that pays extra on groceries – Of course we love this concept, we talk about it all the time. We have one credit card that is used exclusively for gas and groceries because of the cash back payouts – 3% on gas and 6% on groceries – cha ching! Now that’s saving money and maximizing a budget! You may already have a card that does this, so research before you look for another to ensure you’re maximizing your cash back.

What other tips do you have for outside of the box thinking about ways to save on incidental spending?

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