July 4th means big savings!

American flag with fireworks for the 4th of July
AJ: I’m such a fan of holidays I can’t even tell you. What’s not to like about an extra day off, getting to celebrate and remember our history and MAJOR SALES!? Despite our best efforts to be in lock down and save mode we’re in spend mode – did we mention we’re having a baby!? On top of that, there are still a few ongoing house projects that we’re keeping our eyes open for and sale times are absolutely the way to get those knocked out. This year for the 4th, check for major sales in these areas:

Outdoor equipment – Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, Dick’s – all of their ads are already out and if you’re in the mood for sweaty summer camping, hop to!

Furniture, furniture, furniture – please don’t buy furniture on non-holiday weekends! Everyone from major department stores to furniture outlets to mom and pop furniture shops embrace holidays and unlike Black Friday that’s know for major deals on electronics, smaller holidays take advantage of these opportunities to shine. Don’t forget mattresses in this category, too!

Appliances – holidays are huge rebate opportunities for appliances. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears and local shops all choose when their rebate timeframes are so call before you go to see if they’re matching rebates you’ve found elsewhere. Sometimes appliance rebates stack, so read the fine print and maximize every opportunity at your disposal!

Clothing – if you’re anything like me you’re on a million email lists and you’re already being flooded by all retailers both big and small. Be careful with clothing, though, because most retailers don’t put their best foot forward on these smaller holidays for clothing because they know people are in the market for big ticket items.

Major back to school items – items like laptops are majorly promoted during this timeframe so all those college kiddos, pay attention.

Vacations – this wouldn’t have occurred to me prior to Googling, but as we approach the end of summer cruise lines, resorts and hotels are all looking to maximize the end of the peak travel season and this spans well past the end of summer into fall.

Don’t forget about the little things that you need that will be promoted but to a lesser extent like interior and exterior paint (I’m looking at you, Sherwin Williams!), light fixtures and tile. We have an ongoing list of things we need or want but don’t need right away and this is the time we window shop to see what we can get.

As always, don’t forget about Cardpool! Find the deal you want from a major retailer, then check out their selection of gift cards and make your dollars go further. An extra 8% off from Home Depot or Lowe’s on a major appliance will make a huge difference. Digital gift cards are typically delivered same-day during regular business hours and physical gift cards have to be mailed, so just be sure you don’t miss the sale window waiting on gift cards to arrive (we speak from experience, having done this once before foolishly).

Oh, and don’t forget the great benefit that Lowe’s and Home Depot (and many other retail establishments) offer with price match guarantees. Use that to your advantage as you shop around!

Happy shopping, happy fun in the sun, happy fireworks and happy birthday, America! Too much happy? 🙂

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  1. In spite of our earnest attempts to be in lock down and spare mode we’re in spend mode – did we specify we’re having a child!? On top of that, there are still a couple continuous house extends that we’re keeping our eyes open for and deal times are totally the best approach to get those thumped out.

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