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AJ: This post is a new approach we’re taking wherein we plan to share more day-to-day specifics of anything from the week on where we saved or how we saved to hopefully spark some ideas from you all for what you do on the regular to save some moulah!

This week’s decisions were kind of easy based on that tiny mommy-to-be panic that I woke up feeling on Monday morning (we only have HOW many weeks!?). My way of addressing feeling out of control is to flip out a little bit and then start controlling everything I possibly can (I’m sure this is super fun for KJ), so I started where a lot of decisions start for me – grocery sale ads.

Discounted fruits
Three times a week we drink protein shakes after boot camp which means we eat a TON of fruit (actual pounds per week). Strawberries were $0.99 per pound, so I grabbed a whopping eight pounds, raspberries and blueberries were 2 for $5, so I grabbed 6 and peaches were $0.87 per pound, so I grabbed 8. They were all cleaned and placed on baking sheets that would then be added to the freezer. Then, once frozen on the baking sheets individually, we shoveled them into Ziploks in the freezer. Realistically that stash probably gets us to August, but I’ll do this song and dance all through berry season and at the end of the season I’ll probably buy 75 pounds to tide us over until winter.

Planning ahead with freezer meals!
I referenced this in an earlier post on freezer meals, but this week I laid out a plan to execute freezer meals. While KJ travels for a few days my mom is going to help me make as many meals as we can stand to sock away, so I started a list of the meals and ingredients and bought several of the meats and non-perishable items while they were on mega sale because I’ll need them for next week’s prep. I refuse to be at the mercy of what grocery stores tell me things cost that have me paying more than I should, so I break it up and buy as it’s on sale, not only as I need it.

Amazon Prime Now!
We don’t really talk about my dependence on Amazon but it runs deep. When Prime runs out we don’t even talk about it – just renew it before I lose my mind. So this week as thanks for my loyal obsession they sent us a $30 off coupon on $50 so we applied it to diapers. Why? Because we’re going to need them and because that’s $30 in free diapers!

Other tips from this week:
Bought a wedding gift, found an online coupon, joined their email list to save 10% more and paid for it all with Cardpool gift cards. Oh, have we said we like Cardpool?

Scoped out Amazon Mom’s offering as “Subscribe and Save” to see how those prices compare to weekly sales ads in our area. Right now it only saves us $0.27 per 288 diapers so while it’s nice that they magically appear on my doorstep, I KNOW I can do better than $0.27 per 288 diapers (for real, that’s savings of only $.00094 per diaper – psssh!) by watching sale ads and clipping coupons.

Gassed up a full tank for free thanks to the gift cards I earned through taking e-Rewards surveys.

Put down hardwood floors in our front rooms – wait, dang it! That money went the wrong direction but you better believe we shopped around for the best prices on that venture, too!

What decisions do you make day in, day out that really impact your bottom line? We love new tips so send them our way!

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