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KJ: We wanted to continue to share with our fellow readers (similar to our post a few weeks back, on every day savings tips) some of the decisions we make on a regular basis that help us save money. We had several things for this week, and we hope you enjoy our money saving tips that can help you save some money too! Is there anything you would add to this list for what you did this last week that saved you some hard-earned money?

Thank you American Express!
We have an Amex that not only gives us 6% cash back on groceries and 3% back on gasoline – thank you very much! – but they also periodically have promotions that you can add to your card. This week we added two items. One offer that was to spend $10 at QuikTrip and get $5 cash back (limit two unfortunately!), so we used it on things we would have purchased at the grocery store. The other one we added this week was if we spend $10 through Apple (excluding merchandise) then we get a $10 statement credit. Pretty much a no-brainer to buy something worth $10 and essentially get it for free. We used this on the Baby Connect app for the upcoming baby (tracks all those fun things like diaper changes, feedings, etc. – who knew it could be so fun and interactive to track bowel movements?…) and bought a read along book, too.

Message us on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc. and I can send some more information on the particular card we use that saves us lots of money each year.

We’ve written about this a number of times over the years, but we really like Cardpool.com. They have helped us with a lot of major purchases, and we have used them for a lot of different retailers over the years. Sure, there are some nuances to keep in mind (companies’ policies about how they accept store credit, physical gift cards, and digital gift cards), but we’ve had some huge savings. In spite of email being overwhelming most of the time, they often run specials on cards you’re interested in, so we set up alerts on our top brands, so they let us know when they take major discounts on gift cards like they were last week. Even though we still have credit on our last discounted Petco gift card, they were 20% off this time. We will eventually use it, so we got a good sized gift card to help with our future purchases since it’s where we get our kitty litter regularly. The other one that was a steal was 17.5% off of Marshalls. Since it can be used interchangeably with Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls, it’s a great find. We buy my swimsuits, many work clothes, things for the house, gifts for friends and family, and lots of other great items, so we are sure to use it up in not too long.

Bargain shopping shots
Say what!? Who knew you could really do this? Not us, for sure. We’re so used to getting shots done at our doctor’s office that it’s not something we have really come across. But, we were in need of a whooping cough vaccine – been a while since we have had to get much of anything. So, thanks to a friendly colleague that shared her experience with shopping around, we made a few calls and were able to quickly save us some moulah. We called CVS, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Walmart, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. In about 15 minutes time, we ended up saving ourselves over $40 total by choosing Walmart for the vaccine. Kroger was close behind, then Target, then CVS/Walgreens were basically the same. CVS had been our first call too, and that’s who we had originally planned on going with. I was in need of a booster shot, and AJ needed the same shot, and getting it at our respective doctors wasn’t an option. My doctor would charge an office visit fee (more expensive than the shot itself), and AJ’s didn’t offer it.

Tax free weekend!
I think we’ve historically under-utilized tax free weekend savings, but we haven’t purchased a lot of school supplies and typically I shop for clothing around bargain opportunities vs. timed events. This year, however, we doubled our efforts. KJ has become a little obsessed with running and finally found a pair of tennies he loves, so I wanted to buy him a few more pairs since he’s already burning through the soles of the ones we bought him a few weeks ago. I competitive shopped the best prices on the shoes he loves, found a free shipping coupon, and ensure they would honor tax free weekend online – win, win, win.

Digital and physical coupons
My love affair with grocery store loyalty programs and digital coupons has been well documented, but since my beloved store transitioned to a different brand and I severed my relationship with the lower quality and higher prices I’ve been relying on week to week sales ads. A few weeks ago we randomly started receiving coupons again via the mail from packaged goods companies, so when those coupons aligned with a weekly ad and digital sale ads, I hopped on board. Between the three offer opportunities I saved $12 extra on six personal care items for us and upon checking out was awarded with $4 off my next purchase at the store for having purchased 6 items from the same company, for a total of $16 in savings on a purchase amount of $19.95. I’m certainly no coupon maven and honestly, I straight up lost one coupon for $3 off somewhere along my journey, but when they come direct to your house and all you have to do is pay attention to sales ads on items you know you’re going to buy, it’s really a no brainer!

    Was there anything you saved money on this week?
    Share with us your tips from the week!

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  1. Kirby,

    Wow – 6% on groceries?!?!? We need to get this card as that’s normally our biggest monthly expense.

    I hope to god this Amex card is still available! Thanks for the tip!!

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