Weekend rewind: planting future savings

AJ: We spent the back half of 2013 weekend warrioring our brains out and 2014 has started off much the same! Our new year’s resolutions have stayed top of mind and we conquered some major projects this weekend as a result.

KJ: We now have a beautiful fence, Angela made and mastered her first pizza dough (turns out yeast isn’t so scary after all), we planted an awesome vegetable and herb garden and started the Advocare cleanse (for the second time for AJ).

Making some dough to save some dough
KJ: Angela tested out a family recipe for pizza dough thanks to her talented sister-in-law, and started the process of learning how to bake some great, homemade food. She started with a crowd favorite of pecorino romano, artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic tomato sauce, and onions. Not too shabby for the first time using yeast! Plus, all the ingredients added up to about $10 for two nights of pizza – and we still have leftovers for future lunches that we froze! Adding that savings up over the course of a year by just substituting every-other pizza for this home-made version could rack up $50-$100 in a year (yes, we love our pizza!).

AJ: It was also super delicious, and next time I’ll test out whole wheat flour to improve it’s overall health benefits. Kirby already hates this idea but he’ll survive whole wheat, I just feel sure.

Scratch made pizza dough with artichokes, pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, and onions

Planting a vegetable garden
KJ: With my father-in-law’s help (providing the lumber and expertise – thank you very much by the way!), we planted our first ever vegetable garden and started a nice little herb garden. Some items were a bit too early to begin planting the seeds, but Angela got most of it in picking order to go for our future fresh food needs.

AJ: I mentioned before that my father is a gardening god but the man just straight up knows his stuff. We’ll have potatoes in no time and pending my ability to be patient (alongside constant encouragement to “Grow! Grow! Grow!” We can’t wait to see what comes out of our backyard. In a gardening book I read a story about a town who competed annually to see who could grow the first perfectly ripe tomato and the man who won had planted heat coils under his plants and I’m definitely not above being creative for the sake of perfect tomatoes!

KJ: We’re by no means master gardeners, and we’ve only just completed about 1/4 of the whole battle – with keeping them fresh and alive with water and sustenance being the real feat – but a great first step it does seem like. Tom Thumb had a HUGE sale on the exact seeds we were looking for just a few weeks back coupled with a hefty 25% off our entire purchase at our local plant store meant our break-even point for home grown herbs and veggies would come just that much sooner. A big commitment with an estimated cost all-in of $250, but that got us enough for ALL of the items below, something we hope to reap the savings of for years to come.

Amazing how fast some of this stuff grows. We’re supposed to have some good old potatoes here in the next week already, so place your order today! 🙂

Newly planted vegetable and herb garden

Finished the last of our major home purchases
We finished the installation of our fence on Friday (we weren’t ready for that one to be DIY, so we hired it out), so we can can finally enjoy our backyard just that much more and let our dog get a little bit more exercise. Looking into your neighbors’ yard from your gorgeous deck really takes the wind out of your sail.

We started a cleanse
Clean body, mind, and soul? We started the AdvoCare cleanse to help get our bodies back on track. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any type of cleanse (actually, my ENTIRE life, so this is a first for me). It’s been a rough two days with no caffeine, but I hope the benefits of getting on the right footing for our weight loss goals this year will mean we’ll be better about our eating habits. This coupled with our new vegetable and herb garden should be the kick-start that we need.

AJ: This is a very tomato, tomato situation. I feel AWESOME. I woke up feeling good, I felt good all day, and even while I was preparing breakfasts, lunches and snacks for tomorrow hours after I finished working a full day I feel great! Kirby will get there, I’m sure, but a cleanse is definitely a commitment, so be better than us at exerting self control and you might not need to do one :).

    Did you have a productive weekend?
    What did you accomplish to get on the right financial footing?
    How do you share the load of your financial goals?
    Share with us your experiences in how you start a vegetable garden to feed your family.

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