New Year’s Resolutions: eight month check up

Success On Dartboard Showing Accomplished ProgressKJ: We’ve written about our goals a lot this year, and part of what we wanted to do was build accountability around the goals we set. With a focus on one of the main things that rich people do differently – which is not only setting goals but keeping them at the forefront of their daily lives – we wanted to do a six month gut-check (which actually turned into an eight month gut-check) to see how we’re doing with our 2014 goals (read more about our intro post on our 2014 goals here).

    What goals did you set?
    Have you forgotten what they were, or have you accomplished what you set out for?

Here’s how we have fared for the first half of the year:

AJ’s 2014 goals:
Full disclosure, I forgot it was August, so remembering I started this year with goals seems impossible.
Read 5 specific books. I have read two of the five books I intended to read along with 31 pages of a book I thought would be good for us to read as a couple (Kirby read it in one weekend about 2 months ago, and now I’m a slacker). And I’ve read probably 65 mindless books given my Nook app downloads. I bought the two other books I’m supposed to read in February, so I should probably just get on that.
Learn to knit. I am resolved to stop making this a resolution. This is never going to happen for me.
Learn how to bake. I’ve pretty much mastered baking, and I’ve semi-mastered gluten free baking. So long as we pretend those gluten free buttermilk biscuits never happened, this is an overall win.
Make money money, shake money money. I’m not yet to THE goal, but I’ve made good headway. This might not happen in this calendar year but forest for the trees and all that.
Just say no to alcohol one week per month. I THINK I’ve done pretty well about this but I’m not going to lie to you, I forgot this was a goal.
Bring in $100 more per month. Yeah, I’m a money making machine. Check out our other post on how we made money the weird way this last month. Some months have been quite successful for this!
Maintain my ideal weight. Kirby had a major health scare 8 days into our cleanse, so we never finished that round BUT we’re in our second month of an awesome boot camp so weight has become less of a focus in exchange for strength and overall health, so this one is for sure an A+.
Create and maintain a garden. I think this is one of my biggest accomplishments this year. I’ve grown an incredible variety of produce that we have loved and shared. I’ve learned a lot – if your brother-in-law accidentally steps on your squash, they never come back from the dead, you can’t physically plant enough green beans to make Kirby happy, potatoes are like rabbits, sometimes you think you’re growing broccoli only to find out it’s been carrots all along, grub worms are sick and snails are suckers for snail poison.

I’m in love with gardening even though I had some failures – my strawberry plants are BEAUTIFUL, but they never produced fruit. I’m still not entirely sure where my jalapeños, sweet peppers, broccoli or tomatoes went, but whatever!

All-in, I think I’m 4 3/4 for 8, which is a-okay by this full-time-job-having, volunteer-focused girl.

KJ’s 2014 goals:
Read 5 books. I completed reading two books so far: American Gridlock: Why the Right and Left Are Both Wrong – Commonsense 101 Solutions to the Economic Crises and The Five Love Languages. This second book is pretty fascinating. The best takeaway from this is simply a much better understanding of how different people perceive and receive love. We all have different languages, and so long as we understand that, it will go leaps and bounds to keeping open communication lines within your household.
Professional development. This goal relates to continuing to invest in my own “human capital” (i.e. unique earning potential from the ability and skills used to generate an income). I have completed all of my required Continuing Education this year. I have three more months to go, so not too shabby. Also, I’ve continued to emphasize business development and prospecting within the community as well as finding ways to be the “guinea pig” and learn new technologies at work.
Maintain my ideal weight. Surprise, surprise, this one has fallen by the wayside other than this last month. With the boot camp we signed up for (going on our second month now), I hope to have this in the bag by the end of the year!
Double blog readership. Although the year started off strong with a shout-out from a fellow blogger, we had a few months of very slow posting (only two in June!) with too many things on our plate, but we’ve since refocused and we’re back to more regular posts. Just so much to always focus on, am I right!?

OUR combined 2014 goals:
Work out twice per week. Kirby says: No comment. This one hasn’t quite worked out like we hoped with how busy we’ve been this year, but we have picked this back up in recent weeks, and we’re off to finish 2014 strong! Angela says: I’ve done way better than Kirby. I’ve made it to some Pilates classes, I’ve done the 7 minute workout and I’ve run. But yeah, two times a week is generous on the whole.
Increase our net worth by 35%. We’re a little over halfway through the year, so that should mean we’re about halfway to this goal – theoretically. Well, we’re still generally on track, but not quite at the halfway mark that we would like to be. Hopefully the last half of the year we’ll be able to hunker down and focus now that we have some significant expenses behind us (read new fence, medical costs, and home finish-out costs to get as close as we can to finishing out our home renovation projects).

    What’s the most challenging resolution you’ve taken on?
    How do you motivate yourself to stick to it?
    Share with us your success (or failure) to stay on track of your goals.

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: eight month check up

  1. Bah! I’ve got like a kazillion goals. It’s funny though because a lot of them are not out of date. Like, I have changed my mind about them. I’m not being lazy, just life has changed. One of my goals for the year was to bike home to my parents’ house. It’s 103-miles. It was fun!

    • We’ve seen a lot of that too over time where your goals shift as your circumstances change. That’s why it’s so important to periodically review your goals you have set for yourself to add/remove or mark as complete!

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