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AJ: Irrefutable fact: Carlos Slim knows things about making money. His estimated net worth at $83 billion pretty much speaks for itself, and it makes him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Carlos Slim has an interesting take on the future of the working people – 3 day work weeks that span 11 hours each up until age 75. In our house we call an 11 hour day a Monday, or a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, take your pick, but 11 hour days aren’t something that gains attention in our household. I couldn’t physically do my job in 3 11-hour workdays currently, but maybe if I had until I was 75 it’d be a whole different story.

Live life at every stage
So what of it? Carlos thinks that life should be lived at every age and at every stage as though you’d earned the beauty of retirement day in and day out. I LOVE the idea of shorter work weeks, but my shorter work week would be 4 12-hour days, not 3 11-hour days, and I’m betting I’d still wind up working some evenings and weekends. I don’t think I’m special or unique, I think that’s just become more the standard of what we’re all accustomed to working in order to get our jobs done. Our generation is waiting longer to start families, is climbing the professional ladder faster than the previous generation and is working in a fully connected universe, so it’s impossible to imagine a world in which we work less than we do today, but maybe Slim’s onto something.

KJ: This is one of the daily conundrums of saving money. How much do you want to sacrifice or withhold consumption today only for some uncertain point in time in the future? Why push yourself so hard today and miss out on all the together time, family time, travel, whatever suits your fancy in the meantime? If there’s one thing we can glean from Carlos’ perspective now it’s that life is about balance – across all ages and stages and to not just continuously push for a brighter future. Relax, and learn to enjoy the scenery along the way!

75 isn’t so old
KJ:Standards of living have continued to rise over the last 30+ years, making the new 75 much more cozy than the previous generation’s life at age 75. And if that’s the case, maybe we won’t have all that much reservation to working to age 75, 80, 85. It all just depends on WHAT we are doing at that point and finding something along the way that we really enjoy that we could see ourselves doing for decades.

AJ: Slim votes for machines and services working 24 hours a day and people enjoying life more and spending more time in training. It’s truly revolutionary thinking and other richy rich people don’t love Carlos for his perspective which is why I find it so interesting.

Fascinatingly, the 5 day, 40 hour work week has only been in existence since 1938. I literally have jewelry that’s older than that. So is it really all that strange to think that we could be in a remarkably different working environment 20 years from now? I would love to see what a difference that kind of thinking would have on the quality of life for future generations.

What would three days of work change for you?
How would that change your overall quality of life?
What would you do with the extra time each week?

Read more about Carlos Slim’s perspectives from CNN Money on his work week thoughts from July 2014, and Carlos’ thoughts on a three day work week from October 2014.

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