10 signs that your budget needs a makeover

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AJ & KJ: Here are our 10 signs that your budget needs a makeover:

1) The words “I’ve never made a budget” come out of your mouth
WHAT!? Okay, so forgive my shock and awe, but this is a no brainer. Never made a budget = never been aware of your true expenses. Get to cracking and check out a lot of the simple and free options out there for starters to see how to create a budget.

2) You say things like “I don’t know what I spend per month on [xyz]…”
If you don’t have a clue what you spend in a given month in any particular area, that’s typically an indication that your budget is a leaky faucet. Time to get out Quicken or Mint.com and run the numbers to see what you’re spending. It can be a good chance to find an area to trim where you didn’t realize you were over spending!

3) Your budget contains more categories than you can count
Simplify categories to show your primary fixed items (or relatively fixed items when it comes to insurance, utilities, etc.) and create as few categories as you can on the discretionary items so you can more easily see the total dollars you’re working with on a month-by-month basis.

4) You don’t “close out” the month
This is a must for us and should be on the list for all budgeters. Make sure you true-up your expenses for the month, so you can identify what (if anything) can hopefully be swept into your savings accounts! Don’t fall into the trap of spending right at the end of the month thinking you’ve earned it only to come apart at the last minute.

5) Your budgets are too idealistic
Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes you can create a goal that is too aggressive for even you. Create budget amounts that are both realistic and attainable.

6) You don’t pay yourself first
Priority numero uno is to pay yourself first! Have some of your savings come off the top through programs like payroll deduct or automatic monthly transfers, so you don’t have it to spend regularly.

7) You don’t have any room to save
Blasphemous! No matter how good of a budgeter you are, there are always ways to trim a little to make sure you are saving to meet your goals. If that’s not one of the highest priorities in your budget, then think again, and get back to the drawing board!

8) Roth IRAs are non-existent
Especially for you young savers out there, if your budget doesn’t include some savings to Roth accounts (via Roth IRA or Roth 401(k)), then you should reconsider and reevaluate your options. Roths can be a great tool for those young savers at heart!

9) You don’t plan for upcoming expenses
Make a list before each month and update it as irregular expenses come up. Maybe this month you need to buy dog food or pay for an insurance policy or have a lot of gifts to give. Keep track of it and plan ahead, so it doesn’t surprise you at the last minute!

10) And lastly, you don’t budget with financial goals
No. no. no. Why save if you don’t know why you are saving or what target you’re saving for? Get a plan in place so you can stick to it and know what you are aiming for!

Just starting out? Check out our budget quick start guide to learn what you can do to get on track!

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