Is it more stressful to not have an emergency fund or to spend one you already have?

KJ: If you don’t have an emergency fund, the answer to you may seem simple, but once you’ve built up that emergency fund, then when it comes time to actually dipping into it for an emergency – yes, that’s right, … Continue reading

10 signs that your budget needs a makeover

AJ & KJ: Here are our 10 signs that your budget needs a makeover: 1) The words “I’ve never made a budget” come out of your mouth WHAT!? Okay, so forgive my shock and awe, but this is a no … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: eight month check up

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The month we made money the weird way

AJ: I love “found” money. My pen and notebook budgeting system is really hardcore. It comes down to the last day of the month every time to see where things will net out. We have all kinds of factors that … Continue reading