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KJ: So this post is not about doing things like shutting your TV off when it’s not in use, unplugging your coffee pot when not in use, turning off lights unless you need them on, charging your phone at Starbucks instead of at home, or cutting the power supply to your AC so it doesn’t run unnecessarily…Oh sorry, I got side-tracked there a moment. This post is more about a great website that my father-in-law told me about when I moved into my first home with my wife. Sorry folks if you’re not in Texas, but the power[ful] site (no pun intended?) we use is PowerToChoose.Org.

Why it’s a life-saver
For no cost at all, you can peruse the website looking for deals on how to cut your energy costs. The site allows you to compare energy contracts across the providers in Texas, so you can choose the best plan that’s right for you, your family, and your goals. Plus, it’s an unbiased way to search for low-cost contracts. No longer do you have to hear TXU, Reliant, or any other ad on TV and wonder, “Is this really the deal they say it is?”

So many options!
Whether you are looking for a long-term contract, short-term contract, no-term contract, or somewhere in between, they have the plans outlined in detail right in front of you. Even if your goals aren’t about what’s right for your wallet, but are more about what’s right for the environment and your energy footprint, then they’ve got a plan for you.

What to consider
Look at the cost per kilowatt hour, minimum energy usage requirements (and if you’re traditionally above or below that), monthly fee, termination fee, whether the cost is variable or fixed, and any other potential charges.

Think ahead
Maybe you’re an energy buff, a super analyst, or a real-life Ms. Cleo, but if you’ve got an idea on where energy costs are headed then consider locking-in your rate today. Researcher beware: those pesky early termination fees can eat up the benefit of a lower cost you thought you were getting throughout the year…

AJ: Energy used to be a somewhat fixed expense, however, it is now a competitive industry that allows customers who are willing to invest a small amount of time and research into finding the most reasonable plan for their needs. Many summer-loving Texan friends of ours opt for the plans that take their highest monthly bills and subsidize them across the entire year in order to avoid bills in the summer that are five times higher than bills in other months. Researching your options allows you to spend more in areas that you enjoy than on boring expenses like energy.

    Have you used PowerToChoose.Org before?
    What sites or resources have you found in your area?
    What tips do you have to save money on electricity?

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    • Great suggestion. While this post was mostly geared toward the cost per unit of energy and how to save, we are looking to have a post coming up in the future that describes the ways to save in your everyday energy usage around the house.

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