A guide for when to buy everything!

KJ: So this is a quick post, but one of the things I have become particularly fond of lately are the great little images called “infographics.” Basically, it’s where you put together a summary on one graphic to depict your cause, service, process, or item. In particular, one that was forwarded to me several months ago was a great summarization of how a man should dress in different situations depending on the level of casualness or formal attire needed. All in one graphical depiction, it showed when to wear what color and type of shoes, belt, how to match your socks (to the pants or shoes?). With that in mind, we found an interesting graphic brought to you by Mint.com that outlines the best time to buy different products throughout the year based on prices and costs of goods. Without digging into much more detail, see below for their research. Enjoy!

Mint Infographic Buy Everything

    What will you be buying this summer?
    Do infographics sound helpful to you?
    What infographic would be helpful for you to have?

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One thought on “A guide for when to buy everything!

  1. No wonder you’ve been looking even more dapper lately! That info graphic coached you well!

    I am forwarding this blog to our program and support staff. Melissia is doing surveys for our congregation to take and give us feedback. She already did hers on communication, but I believe some might see the benefit in developing these for different areas of ministry for at-a-glance info transfer. THANKS for sharing!

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