Starting fresh: learning to set achievable goals

KJ: It’s official, this is our last post of 2013…2014 *ding ding ding* here we come! As is almost always top of mind when heading into a new year, we’re going to talk about those good old New Year’s resolutions. … Continue reading

A year in review

AJ: It’s been another incredible year for us. We’ve been abundantly blessed again and continue to be thankful for the lives we have. Here’s our 2013 in review! TECHNICALLY we got two kittens (do you remember seeing Swiffer cat?) in … Continue reading

Too much or not enough withholding, how to know

KJ: So with as complex as the tax code is – kind of like being asked to do differential equations while performing brain surgery on top of a tight rope stretching across the grand canyon – one of the things … Continue reading

What is the value of insurance?

AJ: For most of us, insurance is a sometimes-legally-required, income sucking vortex that you rarely actually tap into for your benefit. HOWEVER, it only takes one too-close-to-home story to force your eyes open to the benefits of insurance, and as … Continue reading

Defining differences in IRAs: choosing what is right for you

KJ: An IRA stands for “Individual Retirement Arrangement” (you thought I was going to say account, didn’t you?). It’s a way to help you save for your retirement in a tax-advantaged way. Sounds simple, right? While you could walk into … Continue reading