One car family

KJ: I’ve read a lot about people taking the plunge to live in a one-car (or no car!) family. It’s a bit challenging with where we live to do this given that the public transportation in our area is horrendous … Continue reading

Knowing where you stand

KJ: One of the things that’s easy to do when you’re young is to simply think about what tomorrow will bring and that you don’t need to make any changes to your lifestyle now. How many times have you done … Continue reading

Take stock!

AJ: A little over a year ago Kirby and I were in desperate need of a break from life. Our jobs were as demanding as ever, we had spent six months mourning the loss of a sweet kitten and we … Continue reading

Who manages the money?

AJ: This post is the first post in our series on who manages, who spends, and who makes the money. So, who manages the money in your household? There are a few clear answers to this question: 1. You 2. … Continue reading

Leverage your resources

AJ: I’m a big fan of leveraging the strengths and connections of the people around you to get what you want. People are well acquainted with (and comfortable leveraging) networking for business reasons, so why not apply the same philosophy … Continue reading