Balancing your life (Part 2): Spending

This is the second post in our series on balance, so if you missed our previous post on balance, check it out at: Balancing your life part one work. This week’s post is all about balancing your spending. AJ: Some … Continue reading

Four ways to reduce your banking fees

KJ: We’re all looking for ways to save money on any unnecessary expenses or fees that can be avoided, and what’s more frustrating than a banking fee? Whether it’s a regular monthly fee or one-off fees that add up, you … Continue reading

Balancing Your Life (Part 1): Work

KJ: Finding balance in your life is one of the toughest challenges I think we all face in balancing family, friends, obligations, working out, work, money, time, and all scare resources, so we thought we would write a series about … Continue reading

His, hers, and ours

AJ: We’ve mentioned this before but Kirby and I were very young when we started dating (18 and 19, actually), so we had the luxury of being completely broke together. We both had savings accounts that we began as children, … Continue reading

What money means to us

AJ: Money means a lot of things to me, but mostly it means that Kirby and I will, at some point, be able to live exactly the lives we have planned for. There are some days where I find myself … Continue reading