9 ways to organize your financial life

KJ: Organizing your financial life can sometimes feel daunting, but here are nine ways to help you get organized and STAY organized. Utilize Electronic Records Keep copies of account statements. When you get those “pesky” e-mails saying you have a … Continue reading

Lessons from 2008

KJ: While I’ve always been a saver, I’m not sure where I would be if it weren’t for 2008. The events that unfolded and the experiences I gained were astronomical, but the bottom line of it all was: inappropriate debt … Continue reading

What is a 401(k) anyways, and why should I care?

KJ: Forty years ago, 401(k) plans didn’t even exist. In the days of our parents and grandparents, the primary source of retirement income came from pension plans. They provided families with retirement income similar to how Social Security functions (and … Continue reading

Quicken or Mint.com?

KJ: For me, the answer isn’t “OR” it is “AND” when it comes to evaluating Mint.com vs Quicken. I actually use both Quicken and Mint.com to track my personal finances (so it’s less a Quicken vs Mint type of mindset). … Continue reading