Happy Thanksgiving

AJ & KJ: We are so overwhelmingly blessed that we have daily conversations about everything that we are thankful for. It’s incredibly important to us to share as much as possible, and we hope that you all find a way to give back, whether it be with time, money, or both.

We are thankful for three incredible families that we get to share holidays with that are close by. We’re thankful for both having great jobs that make taking a few extra days off to spend with one another possible. We get that extra time to continually fall more and more in love. We’re thankful for our barking, playful dog and our very busy, very noisy kittens, as they make our home so wonderfully warm and unique. We’re thankful for having been raised in families that have built a lifetime of traditions and memories but are still flexible enough to know how much we love each other together and apart.

With this year coming to a close (where does the time go!?), we’re thankful for another year of unknowns, changes, ongoing blessings, and more time to spend together living life and growing ever closer together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Please share with us the things you are thankful for.

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One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I am thankful for you both! And minus the kittens and dogs and an extra family, pretty much the same things! Love that you all continue to share YOU with us! Thankful for that more than you know!

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