Happy Holidays

KJ: Given this very busy time of year with work, family, and celebrations, we decided to hold off on any blog posts until after the first of the year.

We wanted to thank all of our loyal readers who have helped make the blog what it is today; we enjoy writing relevant content and we definitely look forward to what 2013 may bring!

In the meantime, please subscribe to our e-mail distribution list (located on the right of each page below the “Search” function). This will allow you to be notified automatically when new posts are written. We also recently added some functionality where you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, or through an RSS feed by clicking any of these icons on the right of the page or in the header of the website. Lastly, we added a feature where you can share relevant content through your favorite social media by clicking the icons at the bottom of each post.

In 2013, we hope to keep the same cadence that we have been with posts on Monday and Thursday of the week.

Feel free to leave us comments on this post with any topics or ideas you would be interested in reading in 2013, so we can continue to expand on our posts and provide relevant content!

And on that note…happy new year to all!

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One thought on “Happy Holidays

  1. Thanks for your well wishes and for letting us know your plans! I look forward to the new year posts!

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