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20130905-225307.jpg KJ: Hello world! Here is the first post for the blog. The focus of the blog will be for tips and tricks for any topic related to personal finances. We hope you all find this site very informative, and we look forward to really building the blog to be a great resource and reference tool for the common person. The focus will include items such as how to setup and maintain a budget, other research websites, and some great tools (often free) available to us all.

The hard-working middle class has been particularly impacted by the events of the ‘Great Recession’ and our guidance in the blog is to help individuals and families get back on track as well as find new ways to get one step ahead for a better life for us and future generations. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience as this is the first blog that we (Kirby & Angela) have written together.

Happy reading!

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