Food, food, food

AJ: We love food, and our budget (and sometimes our bodies :)) reflects that. It wouldn’t be realistic for us to set a $300 food budget for ourselves, because that isn’t at all in line with how we choose to … Continue reading

Save with a purpose

AJ: My ability to save really shines when I have a specific goal in mind over and above our everyday saving. Once you have a budget that appropriately matches what you should be spending in each category monthly, saving isn’t … Continue reading

Budgeting: a very good place to start

KJ: The first step toward financial security begins with one word: budget. While sometimes the word can trigger images of pulling teeth or getting mauled by bears after falling down a rocky slope, it’s truly the only way to know … Continue reading

What am I saving for anyways?

KJ: I once heard a quote that said: if you save 50% of your income, you’ll always be rich. This particular quote stands out in my mind, not that it’s necessarily realistic for 99% of us out there (as it … Continue reading

First Post

KJ: Hello world! Here is the first post for the blog. The focus of the blog will be for tips and tricks for any topic related to personal finances. We hope you all find this site very informative, and we … Continue reading